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Our Club is beautifully nestled in the Finger Lakes of Upstate New York where the beauty of nature and wildlife surrounds us all year long. Our club has been around since 1956 and continues to flourish every year. What makes us unique is that each member owns an equal part of the club. This, combined with our passion for hunting, fishing, shooting, and wildlife conservation, makes us who we are. The Interlaken Sportsmen's Club works with the community, spreading our knowledge of wildlife among the residents of Seneca County. We hold many events at the club that are open to the public so the community can share our passions. The Interlaken Sportsmen’s Club supports and welcomes our local children as well. We give them the opportunity to become junior members, in hope that we will be able to help them see the beauty of our local wildlife and enjoy the excitement of hunting and fishing.We are avid trap skeet shooters, and are in the process of adding a second skeet field. Come and check our club out.
Welcome to The Interlaken Sportsmen's Club
Interlaken Sportsmen's Club