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Interlaken Sportsmen's Club

President - Roger Ward II
V.President - Shane Farr
Secretary - JJ Johnson
Treasurer - Elisabeth Knapp

Mike Adams
Kenny Steinruck
Wayne Butler
Brian Millspaugh
Kyle Cornish

Wine StewardKen Steinruck
Coordinator    David Knapp
Welcome New Members
RJ Howard
Dee Dee Barber
Roy Evans

Those of you that have not paid your dues, please get them turned in as soon as possible.
Sick Call

May our prayers and best wishes 
for a speedy recovery go out to you and your family.
From all of us,

The Interlaken Sportsmens Club
 - If you have had a address or phone number change, please pass along to Club Secretary to update 2017 member list.
Junior Members
ISC currently has 6 Junior members.  You may see them helping with breakfast's or at other events.  Or you might even see them out on the ranges working on their skills.  Speak to them.  Encourage them.  Help them with questions they might have. 

Junior members are our future ISC Officers and Directors.  They become members because they share the same passions as our Elder members do.  Please encourage potential Junior members to apply.    

We are saddened by the unexpected passing of one our long time members (30+ years) and advocates, Jerry Smith on 
July 27th, 2017.

Jerry was always there to help a fellow member, friend or just anybody who needed help.  He was a true Ambassadore for ISC.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Lauri, Dannielle, Ryan and Jeremy.